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Post-surgical penoscrotal elephantiasis at Kisangani.

Abstract: Wuchereriabancrofti filariasis and penoscrotal elephantiasis are frequent in endemic countries but a rare condition in the developed countries. penoscrotal elephantiasis treated at Kisangani University Hospital by a wide surgical excision of diseased tissue and penoscrotal reconstruction. The postoperative outcome was uneventful. After a follow-up of twelve months, the functional and aesthetic condition of the penis and scrotum remained excellent. A good surgical management of a penoscrotal elephantiasis case may result in functional and aesthetic recovery of male genitals.

Key words: Elephantiasis, Penoscrotal, Surgery, Kisangani

Article publié in International Journal of Current Advanced Research 2017;6(6):4223-5.

Auteur(s) :
Talona Lehumadja Raphael, Maoneo Azabali Israel, Bonza Bamuoko Dieudonné, Mukulutaghe Wathonge Pierre, Kambale Bunduki, Ahuka Ona Longombe,
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